Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Challenge

Since going work in Grand Canyon, my strength training has become challenging. It's hard to get a squat rack down here. It's hard to get enough weight together in one place for a significant deadlift. I'm not supposed to drag big rocks around - some of them are important culturally, and others hold up the cayon walls. I'm down here for a week at a time. Sometimes I carry my food, which means getting enough protien is difficult. To top it all, I'm trying to keep up with my wife, and she's tough.

So I'm going to have to experiment with different methods. I need to lift enough and recover enough when I'm home. I need to find ways of increasing strength, or at least not losing too much during the weeks I'm hiking in the canyon.

I'm not sure what my program will end up looking like, but I know this: I will have to lift heavy. I will have to lift heavy more frequently than I have in the past. I will have to eat like a Viking, and I will have to embrace naptime. During my weeks in the canyon, I will have to accept every opportunity for strength training, no matter how silly or odd. Of course, I will have to keep my mind open to suggestions from you. Let me know what you think I should do next.

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