Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who Invented the Week, Anyway?

All the lifting programs I've looked at assume one thing: that I'm on a weekly schedule. Most assume that I have access to a barbell at least 3 days a week. Since this is definitely not true for me, I'm looking at making a hybrid heavy lifting & gymnastics program. In the vein of a deadlift & burpee Tabata mash-up I'm hoping that I can alternate each week of barbell work with a week of gymnastics work.

Since I've been away from consistent barbell work for a while, I'm going to begin with something approximating a novice progression on my home weeks. I figure I have the recovery ability to squat heavy twice a week, press once, floor press once, and deadlift once. So I'll do a squat and a press variant toward the beginning and end of my home week, deadlift at the end, and do some olympic lifts in the middle - along with one active recovery day. Since I'm signed up to compete at the Prescott Highland Games in May, my active recovery will be skill practice with throwing implements. Or possibly ultimate frisbee.

In the field, I'll be doing gymnastic progressions for one-leg-squats and planches; adding levers when I'm near a pullup bar and handstand pushups when I'm near a wall. I've been browsing the excellent tutorials at and a site called Gymnastic Bodies. I'm sure that increased balance, spinal stabilization, and body awareness will aid my barbell lifting. My hope is that the planches and one-leg-squats will be difficult enough to contribute to my lifting strength as well.

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