Tuesday, October 27, 2009

OCT 27 2009 - Tabata Evil

In order to shore up one of my major weaknesses (overhead lifting), I've decided to incorporate the olympic lifts into the front end of my workouts. Three days a week I'll work quickly up to a heavy single rep in snatch, then in clean & jerk. The other days I'll do sets of 3 reps with less weight and focus on perfect technique each rep.

I hit a PR of 57 kg in the snatch today. Clean & jerk topped out at 65 kg. Then, it was on to my favorite heavy lift - the deadlift!

Deadlift: Work up to a 3 rep max
Rest 3 min
Tabata Push Press (35kg)
Rest 1 min
Tabata Chest-to-Bar Pullups
*(A Tabata interval = 8 rounds of [20s work, 10s rest] for max reps each round.)

My deadlifts topped out at 125 kg today. One of the reasons I switched to kilograms is to avoid beating myself up over lost strength. I could do the conversions, but am purposely avoiding it to keep my focus on making progress. Comparing myself to my past PRs would only sap my energy and focus.

The Tabata intervals were Hellish, as expected. The push press went fairly well with 8,8,8,6,5,6,5,4 reps. Pullups were just dismal: 12,4,0,0,0,0,0,0. The last six rounds I couldn't get my chest to the bar. I was still getting my chin over the bar 4 or 5 times per round, but didn't have the strength through the end range of motion to hit the bar. The sharp drop off tells me that raw strength is the limiter. In order to improve my pullups most efficiently I'll be incorporating weighted pullups to improve my strength.

The possibilities for improvement are wide open!

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