Saturday, October 24, 2009

Why the blog?

A couple friends have asked me for workout plans, new ideas, or nutrition advice. I like to help, and sometimes I find that I have a perspective they haven't heard before. Eventually I figured it'd be easier for me to start putting it all in one easily-accessible place on the web. (Yea, technology!)

Also, I occasionally get incredulous looks when I tell someone about my latest workout. So, in the interest of full disclosure, I'll be posting what I do each day. It may not be what I'd recommend for anyone else, it's just what I'm doing, based on my current goals.

Feel free to share feedback or questions in the comments section.

Thanks to all the folks in the CrossFit community for providing tons of information and motivation. Anyone who's not familiar with CrossFit should check out the "Start Here" link on their website - The exercise videos really helped get me started.

Before I get to today's workout, I have to share yesterday's since I'm pretty happy with it.

As Many Rounds As Possible in 12 minutes:
5 Deadlifts (85kg)
400m steep Bike Hill Climb

I used the hill in front of my house, which gains 98 vertical feet in 400 meters. The workout brought to my attention just how much work a rider's arms and torso do on a hill climb. I just barely got three full rounds in 12 minutes, and was very happy the beeping of my timer saved me from more deadlifts! By the way, don't ever worry about looking dorky while you're working out - it can't be any worse than me doing deadlifts in a bike helmet & cleated shoes.

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