Tuesday, December 8, 2009

DEC 08 2009 - Return of the Deadlift!

Deadlift 5 Rep Max (139kg)
Max Reps Strict Pullups x 3 sets (on 2:30 rest)

As Quickly As Possible:
30 Push-press (55kg)
10 x 40 meter Sprints (on :15 rest)
30 Push-press (55kg)

I got my deadlift back over 300 pounds! Last time I lifted this much was May, when I set my current personal best. Since I was able to get 5 reps, I feel like I could set a new PR as soon as next week. I'm hoping for a CFFB Total so I can give my 1RM a try.
My pullups are suffering a little for now, since I'm gaining bodyweight. I'm up to 73kg (163#). Pullups: 4 chest-to-bar + 7 chin-over-bar, 3+5, 3+5.

I had to make some substitutions to the CF Football conditioning workout. It called for 30 reps of bench press at bodyweight. I have no bench, so I opted for push-presses at 75% of my bodyweight. 73kg x 0.75 = 55kg. Finished the conditioning workout in 17:37.

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  1. Hey Scott.. today was a little dissappointing. I started with the conditioning work out with a total time of just under 30 min (the extra time could be due to the fact that i started with 5 sets of burpees and 5 sets of tuck jumps in substitution for the sprints). The bench was rough. Starting with 90# I managed to pump out three sets (8x7x5) and completed the rest of the reps with 85#.
    The second 30 was even more difficult. I started with 85# and managed 10 reps then dropped to 65# for the remaining weight. throughout the whole conditioning work out i dumped the weight twice. It may take me a while before I learn my limits =P. The deadlift went well. I only used 175# to start and after 5 reps I felt like I could do more. pullups were also dissappointing but I've never had good luck with those being as tall as I am (height to weight ratio explains my lack of upper body strength). I acheived 3 pullups chin-over-bar for my first set 3, then one for my last set. I find pullups are much more comfortable for me to do palms facing outboard with my thumb over the bar as opposed to under it. I tend to squeeze the bar (wasting energy) so this helps me focus the energy elsewhere. but you probably already knew that. the only problem with this method is that it becomes more difficult for me to attain chest-to-bar. Thanks again for all the helpfull info in your last email. I'll keep you posted on my progress if you want.