Friday, January 15, 2010

Jan 15 2010 - Deadlift

Hip Bridges 95# x 25 reps
Deadlift 200#x3, 230#x3, 265#x12 reps
3 rounds: (not for time)
. 5 "King" DL per leg
. 50m Broad Jumps (27,28,27 reps)
Max Effort Broad Jump: 7'

Bonus Strength Work
Weighted Chin-ups 26#x5, 35#x5, 44#x5reps

The broad jumps were much easier on my back (compared to broad jumps in previous workouts), most likely due to the fact that I was landing on grass instead of concrete.

Regarding the Wendler 5-3-1 program, I feel much less systemic stress following workouts than on the CrossFit Football program. For example, after a 5 rep max deadlift and CFFB WOD I usually wanted to go directly to sleep. I get what I've termed the deadlift dumb-dumbs, feeling as though I've lost 30 IQ points. This has not been the case with the Wendler lifting I've done this week. Even with the broad jumps, the deadlifts today left me with plenty of energy. They were very hard, especially the last 3 reps, but I haven't felt the systemic effects that I've experienced on the CFFB program.

If I end up gaining strength on the Wendler-style cycle, it will have been great to have done so on less of an IQ drain throughout the week. But I'm worried that the lack of systemic stress means that I'm not getting the same volume of muscle-building hormones released into my body.

I'd love to do an experiment comparing the Wendler-style lifting plan to both the CrossFit Football plan and the Starting Strength novice progression. Unfortunately, there's only one of me and I'm not willing to atrophy after each program to start from the same baseline.

One decision I have arrived at this week is that I'm not doing enough olympic lifting. I have the bar, bumper plates, & shoes, so I'm going to schedule a couple of skill sessions next week, video my lifts, and do some serious form critiques. Stay tuned.

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