Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jan 19 2010 - Run, run as fast as you can...

Snatch Drills
Following Greg Everett's progression for learning the snatch
Overhead Squat 15kg x 5 reps x 2 sets
Snatch-grip Deadlift 25kg x 5 reps x 5 sets
Mid-Hang Snatch jump 25kg x3 reps x 8 sets
M-H Snatch Jump + DL 25 kg x 1 rep x 5 sets
Working on developing better form.

2 hours Rest

100 Double-Unders
Press 80# x 5 reps, 90# x 3 reps, 100# x 10 reps
AMRAP 15 minites:
. 380m Run
. 15 Push-Press (95#)

Completed 5 rounds of the conditioning workout. The run felt good. I worked on a couple of running drills before we started. I was definitely working hard, but felt smooth and was passing people pretty regularly. I had to break the push-press up in to two or three sets each round. One of the other crossfitters was finishing the push-press way ahead of me each time, then I'd pass him on the run. Upper body strength is still a relative limitation for me.

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