Monday, January 18, 2010

Jan 18 2010 - Snatch Form Review

I took some time this morning to work on snatch form. A couple of my lifts are worth watching.

Oly Practice
Catalyst Athletics Drill Progression (15kg x 5 reps ea.)
. Overhead Squat
. Pressing Snatch Balance
. Heaving Snatch Balance
. Snatch Balance
. Tall Muscle Snatch
. Scarecrow Snatch
. Mid-Hang Snatch
Snatch 35kg x 1 rep x 9 sets (on 1 min rest)

Three snatch attempts at 35kg. Reps 1, 2, and 8.
Rep 1 - watch how the bar ends up behind my heels in the squat.
Rep 2 - the bar gets in front of my toes as I over correct.
Rep 8 - I settle into a decent receiving position, but it's not quick.
(WARNING: there's cool music in the vid.)

3 hours Rest

50 Bar Dips (10 reps x 5 sets)
Back Squat 160# x 5, 185# x 3, 210# x 9 reps
AQAP: 15-12-9 [Front SQT (155#), Strict Chin-ups]

Today was a wonderful test of my new weightlifting shoes. They helped tremendously with the full-depth squat snatches in the morning. The Get Built workout had me back squatting heavy, then front squatting a reletively heavy weight for 36 reps. I felt like I got good depth in all of the squats. I only had trouble with 3 reps of front squat, where I was fatigued and not balancing well. I decided not to scale the front squats and ended up having to rack the bar after every 2 reps in the final set. My quads are no longer speaking with me.

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